the final 50 giving challenge: are you in?

If you new here, first thing you should know is that I’m a giver, and I’m on a mission to spread generosity. Be warned, you will be motivated to loosen the grip on your wallet by the end of this post.

For the the past 315 days, I’ve been giving away 10 dollars a each day to support lots of amazing causes. I only have 50 days left to give, and now it’s time for you to join me.

Last March I started the #give10 project as a personal experiment because I felt overwhelmed and disillusioned with the growing world of charities. I wanted to see if giving really does make a difference. It’s been more awesome than I ever imagined.

Over the past 10 months so many of you have messaged to say you’ve been inspired by #give10. You’ve matched my donations to causes you’ve like, you voted for your favorite projects every 100 days and a couple of you have even tried it out for a month or so yourselves.

Now that we’re down to the final fifty days I have an idea:

Starting on January 11, I want you to join me  for the rest of the adventure.

What’s in it for you? You get to change the world, inspire yourself and inspire others. (and get an amazing start your 2012)

What’s in it for me? Absolutely nothing. (I’m doing it anyway)

Giving is great. Yet, I know our budgets and timetables aren’t all the same.  So, like any good marketer, I’m giving you three options for how you can join me in the 50 day countdown fun.

Option 1: Be a Daily Do-Gooder

You match my daily give10. I’ll do the legwork to find and post a project each day. You follow me, click on the donation link I provide and give 10$.

Option 2: Be an Independent Giver

You commit to giving 10$ a day for the next 50 days to whatever causes YOU choose. One cause a day, 10$ day, 50 days.

Option 3: Delegate your Do-Gooding

You like the idea, and you have money but no time? You give me your money and I’ll give it away. I’m not a charity or a foundation, but I’m honest and will directly give your dollars away every day to the cause I post.

I’m betting most of us could give up a coffee or two and make one of the above options work, but should you have a legitimate reason you can’t, I offer a bonus plan.

BONUS Option: Choose your own adventure

Giving something some way is always better than giving nothing, and a micro-giving revolution has to start somewhere. The most important thing is deciding today that you will give over the next 50 days, and making it happen. Mix and match from the giving options above, then tell us what you’re going to do so we can cheer and follow!

If you’re reading this after January 11, don’t fear. It’s never to late to start giving.

How to sign up: No registration required, just leave a post in the comments and let us know that you’re joining the giving fun, so we can cheer and follow.  And use the #give10 hashtag when you give and tell others about it, so we can spread the spirit of generosity even further.

If you want to know all the places we’ve given so far? Search this handy roundup list. And if you know a rocking project that isn’t on this list yet, tell us now so we don’t miss out on supporting the cause in our final fifty days.

And if 50 of you join the giving fun, well, I might even do something crazy to celebrate.

50 Days to go. Who’s in?


3 responses to “the final 50 giving challenge: are you in?”

  1. In it to win it!

    Or at least… to give it.

    I’ll stop now. Great post and idea.

  2. I’m in! Love this idea, Stephanie!

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