#giving #giving… one year gone ::

It’s official, I’ve successfully given away 10$ every day for the entire last year! (insert cheers here) Yep, that’s 366 donations to 366 different causes. And right now,  there are people out there all over the world using my 10$ to do work to make the world more amazing. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s great to have the sense of accomplishment you get when you complete a mission to do something everyday for a year. But the truth is, the greatest accomplishment I feel today isn’t the fact that I’m finished. Rather it is a feeling of overwhelming gratitude that I got to give, and that before me is a clean slate to choose how I will continue to live generously in the coming year.

This time a year ago, I felt discouraged with the world, so I started an experiment to see if  I could really make a difference. A month into giving away 10$ a day, I realized that what was changing most was me. I started #give10 because I wanted to share this with everyone. Giving is life changing and I decided that I wanted to start a moment of generosity.

Highlights of the #give10 year

– Giving away $3,660 dollars – $10 dollars at a time (for causes on 6 continents)

– Building a community of people who care about d0-gooding (we’ve met so many amazing people on FB, Twitter, G+ and LifeKraze)

-Raising $5000 for the Sak Saum anti-trafficking micro-giving experiment

-Celebrating Welbodi clinic on our 10oth day with 100$, Laos Rehab Project on our 200th day with 200$, and Marbles 4 MS on our 300th day with 300$

-Supporting projects and communities in countries where I traveled to this year

– Meeting Molly, and knowing that there are at least four people in the universe who will continue to #give10, even when I take a break.

And, speaking of taking breaks, now that the #give10 year is finished, what will happen next?

Well, this might be the last day of #give10’s first year, but trust me, the giving is just getting started. We will soon be revealing what is going to happen in  #give10 part 2, but   first I’m going to do something out of the ordinary. Since I’ve been giving 10 for so long, this week I’ve decide that I’m  going to take take ten days off.  And then we’re coming back, and its going to be amazing!

In the meantime, watch this space because we’ll be changing things up a bit in the coming week…

Thanks for being part of the #give10 adventure!f

7 days of giving to go, and meeting Molly ::

There is only one week left until we reach the one year anniversary of give10!

Exactly 43 days ago, I challenged you to join me for the last 50 days of giving, and I’m pretty excited that some of you were brave enough to actually take on my dare for do-gooding. (It is never to late to start, so if you want to take on the last 7 days of giving, get your wallet out today.)

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to Molly. I met Molly in November. She’s an early adaptor of the #give10 matching challenge. Not only did Molly agree to give 10$ away every day for the final 50 of the #give10 project, she jumped on the bandwagon of giving in December and has decided to take on the #give10 challenge for the whole year.

Molly is pretty awesome, but she isn’t a super hero or anything. Just like me, she’s committed to do her part in being generous and making a difference everyday.

I promised you Molly’s story in December’s roundup, and since she’s a blogger herself (over at A Foreign Land), I asked if she’d write a post about why she decided to join the #give10 movement. Here’s what she said ->

I’ve got a confession to make. I mean, I know we’re only just meeting, so sharing a secret about myself might be a little bit forward. But in truth, I’ll feel a whole lot better about this post if I’m upfront and honest from the get go.  Here’s the confession: I have serious cyber stalking tendencies.  I wouldn’t classify my tendencies as creepy or inappropriate, but I’ll Google the heck out of someone if I find them interesting enough.  I’ll track them down on every social media platform out there so I can check out their prom pictures, figure out what book they’re reading and find out if they follow any Kardashians on Twitter. (Mark my word, you can tell a lot about a person by the number of Kardashians in their Twitter feed.) And that, my friends, is how I got involved with the Give10 project. I was introduced to Stephanie through a mutual friend and after dinner I went home and put my stalker skills to use. (For the record: No Kardashians but a surprising amount of Charlie’s Angels inspired posing going on in her pictures.)

And boy am I glad I did. From the moment I read the introductory Give10 post here on wanderingzito.com, I was hooked. I quickly decided to commit to a month of daily giving. Now, after having wrapped up a December’s worth of Give10, I’m amped and ready to keep going into 2012.  I mean, they don’t call Stephanie an “idea woman” for no reason. Give10, is for me, an innovative and fresh way to look at charitable giving.  It has flipped my proverbial script by bringing it to the forefront of my mind.  Giving is no longer analogous to paying the electric bill. (Confession #2 – I have, in the past, written charitable giving checks feeling as much fervor and joy as I do paying our power company. Sad, I know.) But no more! Now each day I have an opportunity to research, discover and partner with a different organization. The variety is invigorating.  And quite often the challenge makes it even more fun. Who knew? Giving is fun. Plus, the process has made me keenly aware of the need that I see, hear and read about. Suddenly, I am on the hunt for new ways to spend the daily $10. Believe me when I tell you, it has been energizing, exciting and eye opening.  And I can attest, having spent some time doing not-for-profit work, $10 can go a long way. Therefore, I’m confident that our seemingly small gifts are in no way small to the recipients.

When I mentioned to my husband that I thought we should continue this past December he asked, “Will there be enough organizations to keep it up?” And if I’ve learned anything in the past month I’ve learned that, YES, there are more than enough worthy, reputable, outstanding organizations for us to keep going and going and going. So who’s in?

Will you join us for the last 7 days?

the final 50 giving challenge: are you in?

If you new here, first thing you should know is that I’m a giver, and I’m on a mission to spread generosity. Be warned, you will be motivated to loosen the grip on your wallet by the end of this post.

For the the past 315 days, I’ve been giving away 10 dollars a each day to support lots of amazing causes. I only have 50 days left to give, and now it’s time for you to join me.

Last March I started the #give10 project as a personal experiment because I felt overwhelmed and disillusioned with the growing world of charities. I wanted to see if giving really does make a difference. It’s been more awesome than I ever imagined.

Over the past 10 months so many of you have messaged to say you’ve been inspired by #give10. You’ve matched my donations to causes you’ve like, you voted for your favorite projects every 100 days and a couple of you have even tried it out for a month or so yourselves.

Now that we’re down to the final fifty days I have an idea:

Starting on January 11, I want you to join me  for the rest of the adventure.

What’s in it for you? You get to change the world, inspire yourself and inspire others. (and get an amazing start your 2012)

What’s in it for me? Absolutely nothing. (I’m doing it anyway)

Giving is great. Yet, I know our budgets and timetables aren’t all the same.  So, like any good marketer, I’m giving you three options for how you can join me in the 50 day countdown fun.

Option 1: Be a Daily Do-Gooder

You match my daily give10. I’ll do the legwork to find and post a project each day. You follow me, click on the donation link I provide and give 10$.

Option 2: Be an Independent Giver

You commit to giving 10$ a day for the next 50 days to whatever causes YOU choose. One cause a day, 10$ day, 50 days.

Option 3: Delegate your Do-Gooding

You like the idea, and you have money but no time? You give me your money and I’ll give it away. I’m not a charity or a foundation, but I’m honest and will directly give your dollars away every day to the cause I post.

I’m betting most of us could give up a coffee or two and make one of the above options work, but should you have a legitimate reason you can’t, I offer a bonus plan.

BONUS Option: Choose your own adventure

Giving something some way is always better than giving nothing, and a micro-giving revolution has to start somewhere. The most important thing is deciding today that you will give over the next 50 days, and making it happen. Mix and match from the giving options above, then tell us what you’re going to do so we can cheer and follow!

If you’re reading this after January 11, don’t fear. It’s never to late to start giving.

How to sign up: No registration required, just leave a post in the comments and let us know that you’re joining the giving fun, so we can cheer and follow.  And use the #give10 hashtag when you give and tell others about it, so we can spread the spirit of generosity even further.

If you want to know all the places we’ve given so far? Search this handy roundup list. And if you know a rocking project that isn’t on this list yet, tell us now so we don’t miss out on supporting the cause in our final fifty days.

And if 50 of you join the giving fun, well, I might even do something crazy to celebrate.

50 Days to go. Who’s in?


September #give10 roundup ::

Goodbye September. We hope all of you reading this have had as great of a month as we’ve had here on the #give10 project.

What made our September so great?

  • We finished our 7th month of giving.
  • Over 200 of you voted for your favorite project to receive a special 200$ donation to celebrate our 200th day. We were proud to give those dollars to New Life House Laos for their great grassroots work in drug rehabilitation and vocational training.
  • The #give10 facebook page is live to make it easy to follow changes that our dollar are supporting. Don’t forget to like us!
  • We traveled to Vietnam and Laos and got to give locally to a number of great projects.
  • Several of you #give10 followers have started you own projects, or have made commitments to giving. We’re excited to see generosity spreading and are thrilled to get to support cool projects like Race2Raise Funds for Children and the Lambda Central School Playground Challenge in October.
  • We’ve expanded our social circles and have begun spreading #give10 goodness on Google+ in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Lifekraze. We may not have klout, but we’re building a great community of people who love giving!

With each day that goes by this project truly gets more exciting and we’re seeing more and more how our daily giving is making a difference to support organizations, raise awareness, and to encourage others in the spirit of generous living.

Let us know who we should add to our October giving roster.
Here’s where we gave in September. How did you make September count?

1 Heifer International 2 Hope for Homes Tampa- fixing Frankie Jones’ roof
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation – helmets for kids in Vietnam
5 Bread for the World
Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti
7 Global Medic Force
8 Help a Life Foundation
9 Health Leads
10 Reach Out Worldwide
11 FDNY Foundation
12 Ayni Foundation (supporting Education in Afghanistan)
13 Education for Nature- Vietnam
14 Witness
15 Earthwatch
16 DAY 200 ->200$ to New Life House Laos
17 Tour da Vita (Kidney Foundation)
18 Women in the World Foundation
19  Mima foundation
20 Homeward Deployed
21 Womens Aid
22 (Red)
23 First Book
24 Big Brother Mouse
25 Free the Bears
26 Child Safe International
27 Momo Books
28 Abundant Water
29 Greenbelt Movement
30 Mine Action Group Laos