February #give10 roundup ::

With all the excitement of marking the one year anniversary of #give10, we forgot to post the round up of all the world changing causes we gave 10$ to in February.

February was a flurry. Having only 29 days left on the giving calendar made it challenging to decide which causes would make the cut for year one. I was also on the road in the South Pacific for most of these days, making it even more exciting to mix up the final year choices with giving off the grid.

When I started this project many people asked how I would possibly find 366 projects to give to. Truth is, there’s more than enough projects out there to pick from. I’ve got a long list I haven’t given to yet to roll over into year two. And after we posted Molly’s story, a few more of you amazing people signed up to try out #give10 for yourselves. Every day there are new people digging up new causes in their own neighborhoods and around that globe that I hadn’t even thought about! (Be sure you’re following #give10 in your choice of social networks and cheer on our new do-gooders).

For now, here’s the February list. We’re almost done with our #take10 anniversary break and we’ll be sharing the #give10 year 2 plan very soon. Don’t miss it.

  1. Mama Hope 
  2. Childrens Hospital of Alabama
  3. ToGetHer there, Girl Scouts
  4. Iris the Dragon 
  5. Tirzah International 
  6. RISC Cambodia 
  7. Keep Your Neighbor Warm Fuel Assistance 
  8. Bike out hunger 
  9. CURE Childhood Cancer 
  10. Diaper Love 
  11. Project I see you 
  12. Purposeful Youth Azerbaijan
  13. AdvocAid 
  14. Big City Mountaineers 
  15. Virgin Atlantic Change for Children 
  16. CRS– Catholic Relief Services
  17. Magpas (to sponsor a kid sleeping in his hammock for a year in honor of his sister)
  18. Open Education Vanuatu 
  19. Barrels of Hope 
  20. Got Passport 
  21. Small World Cambodia
  22. We Women 
  23. Kid’s Peace 
  24. One Girl 
  25. Sole Hope 
  26.  CBM (I had to give through their US site, but learned about them through their work in Australia)
  27. ADRA for their projects in the Solomon Islands
  28.  Children’s Miracle Network (for IHOP’s National Pancake Day in the US)
  29.  Urban Light 

Who’d we miss?  We might be done with the daily giving for right now, but there’s going to be lots more giving in the future. If we haven’t supported your favorite cause yet, we want to know about them!

300 cheers to marbles4ms ::

On 25 December, Give10 celebrated its 300th consecutive day of giving away 10$.

In the Christmas giving spirit, and Give10’s 100 day tradition, we asked you which Give10 project you wanted to see get an extra $300 donation.

Over on our Facebook page, you nominated six inspiring projects from our first 300 days of giving, and from boxing day until New Year’s Eve the Give10 community voted to select the winner.

All I can say is WOW! More than 950 of you voted. Two very awesome projects, on opposite sides of the globe, Marbles4MS and the Lamba School Playground Challenge were neck in neck through the last hours of 2011.

While, truly all of the six nominated projects are winners for what they do, Marbles4MS rallied hard to keep its lead, and took home the 300$ just before the clock struck midnight in New York. Congratulations Marbles4MS!

The Inspiration of Marbles4MS

Just a few weeks before our Christmas nominations took place, Cecil, a blogger over at istoryaa posed this question Facebook:  “Is there one person who helped change your life, perspective or direction this 2011? ” I thought about all the interesting people and projects that passed my way this year, and my response was this:

“There’s a kid name Connor who raises money for MS because he wants to help find a cure for his mom who has the disease. In all my giving 10$ this year, he’s one that’s really inspired me in my mission to help everyone believe that giving a little together can make a big difference.

I’ve never met Conner personally. I discovered his project on Twitter, and sent him 10$ day 136 of the Give10 project. Over time I’ve watched the updates his dad sends, and I’ve come to believe that he is a pretty amazing kid.

Connor saw a problem in his world that he wants to make better, and he’s using the skills and resources he has as a six year old (with the help of his awesome family) to do what he can to make a difference. If only we could all believe in the possibility of change and act on it with the hope of a child.

While Give10 started as my own experiment, over the past 300 days it has transformed into a movement to spread this same message: Each of us can make a difference for causes we care about, no matter how big or small our bank account is.

Connor inspired me this year, and I was excited to press the DONATE button on the Marbles4MS webpage to give the winning donation as my very last donation of 2011!

The Other Winners

Funny thing is, Cecil, the blogger who asked that question on Facebook, is pretty inspirational herself.  She’s also the founder of the Lamba School Playground Challenge, our runner up project that managed to get nearly 400 votes campaigning from their mobile phones in a remote Philippine village on New Year’s Eve. While they didn’t win this time, we surely haven’t seen the last of them. In fact, we’re already working on a plan to help make sure they get that playground built in 2012.

Truth is, all of the projects that were nominated are pretty awesome, led by some insanely inspiring people, and worth learning about. Here’s there links so you can check them out, and see if you want to give10 yourself to any or all of them in 2012:


Lamba School Playground Challenge, Philippines

Chab Dai, Cambodia

Welbodi Pediatric Clinic, Sierra Leone

Children’s Voice, Congo

Destination Paradise, Belize & the world

Thanks to everyone for your votes and for the part you played in making the world better in 2011.  Happy New Year!

Who inspired you in 2011?


PS. If you’ve discovered the Give10 project through the 300 day giving contest, and are wondering what we’re all about, read here to see how it all started.


halfway to awesome ::

Big thanks to all of you who joined this week’s virtual birthday fun to raise our first $1260 to help girls and women in Cambodia by multiplying awesome.

We’ve made half way to our total goal. Since every single dollar you gave (or will give) will magically turn into two dollars through a matching grant, this means we’ve already have $2520 dollars going to educate villages in the prevention of human trafficking through the work of Sak Saum.


“If your birthday is over, how will we raise the second half?” you may be wondering. Do not despair, since I’m older and wiser, I’ve got a master plan. (But please keep reading because you’re part of it)


According to  my calculations it took only 25 of you to raise what we have so far in nearly one day! And whether the gift was 10$ or $100 it all added up quickly (and made for a very exciting birthday).


The best part about this is that there are still hundreds of you reading this who haven’t given yet, but have the will and the means to do so. (If this is you, you have permission to stop reading right now and donate immediately).


Sometimes we think, if there are hundreds of others doing this, maybe my single contribution isn’t all that important. But that’s exactly opposite of the truth. If everyone does something, big things happen. If everyone assumes someone else will do it, nothing happens and we’re all left to wonder why.


I’m going to keep doing my part and talk about our Multiply Amazing project for Sak Saum online and off for as long as it takes to reach the goal. Since I’m the kind of person who really likes to celebrate their birthday for as long as possible, I’ve set the online birthday fundraiser to go for another 38 days.I figure a 38 year old girl should be entitled to at least that many days to celebrate. And, in November, we’ll also be organizing the sale of some amazing Sak Saum bags in the USA to help our efforts. If you like handbags, you’ll love their fall 2011 collection.


Here’s what you can do:
  • If you haven’t given yet and want to join the exclusive club of people funding this project you can do that right now here.  (If you can’t give online for whatever reason, drop me an email and we’ll sort it out for you)
  • Share the love by sharing the link. You can help us multiply our reach by introducing the project to friends we don’t know yet.
  • Buy a bag or sell a bag. It’s almost Christmas after all, we can help you get your shopping done while you help change lives! (details coming soon).
Together we will make a difference. Thanks for being awesome.

Help Wanted: multiplying awesome

Today is my birthday and in addition to giving 10$, I want to raise $2490.

Every day in the #give10 world, we’ve done the same thing. We find an incredible project changing the world for good, give them a bit of cash, and then tell you about it, in the hopes that spreading the word of good work will in someway multiply its effect.  It’s been awesome, and because we’re in the business of multiplying awesome, today we’re starting out something brand new.

Drumroll: We’re launching our own little micro-project experiment and we’re asking you to #give10.

No, we’re not becoming our own charity or asking you to give money to us.  Something really amazing recently happened and  we want you to be a part of the rest of the story.

Here’s how it began: One day, many moons ago, in the early days of #give10,  I met up with a great organization in Cambodia called Sak Saum. “Sak Saum” is named after the Khmer language word for “Dignity”, and the people who run this project are in the business of restoring freedom and dignity to women who have come out of situations of human trafficking and forced labour.  They offer a one year program to rescued and at-risk women, and have built a place where women can heal and learn while gaining practical vocational skills.The women sew beautiful bags which are in turn sold to fund the project to help more women.


So, I liked them, gave them 10$, and posted it on Facebook like I do every day. But on the day I gave to Sak Saum, something different happened.  Someone else caught a vision. This vision turned into an opportunity for a matching grant for Sak Saum.


Like I said before, giving is contagious.


To make a long story short, our 10$ is about to multiply 500 times.  This is the kind of math that I like. If you’re quick with numbers, you’ve figure out that we’re helping Sak Saum get a total grant of $5000. How it works is that the #give10 community (that’s you and me) raises $2500, and the organization funding the match (The Antioch Group- a.k.a. TAG) doubles it. And, since I’ve already given the first $10, we’ve only got $2490 to go. More simple math.


And what difference will this $5000 make in the world?  Over the course of the year, the women of Sak Saum will organize and conduct events in poor villages where other women and girls (and even sometimes men) are at risk of being trafficked. Their goal is educate other people to prevent them from winding up in the dangerous and difficult situations they know first hand. At the price tag of about $200 per event, 25 communities will be reached.  I’d say that’s a bargain when it comes to changing lives.


So, what does this all mean?

It’s simple, I need your help to raise $2490 by mid November. In honor of celebrating my 38th today, I’ve set a 38 day goal for our campaign. I think we can do it quicker than that.

Here’s how you can help.
  • Go here and #give10 or 20, or 100.  If you’ve cared enough to read this far, you definately care enough to donate the cost of 2 mocha frappucinos.
  • Tell someone else about it. One thing we’ve learned through this project is that other people care more when you care too.
  • Give me money for my birthday. Since I’m turning 38 and mostly have everything a nomadic girl could need (other than a tall dark and handsome traveling companion) I’m going to give all my birthday money to this project.
  • If you want to give, but online giving doesn’t work for you, drop me a line (stephanie.zito@gmail.com) a comment, or a tweet and I’ll make it work
And what will you get?
  • The joy of knowing you’ve made the world better today
  • Some follow up reports of how the project goes and how lives are changing because of it
  • My gratitude, a shout out on Twitter & Facebook, and even a special surprise for some of you hi-rollers
So, what are you waiting for? At 10$ a piece it will only take 250 of us to change someone’s world.

Check out the Sak Saum project & #give10 here -> http://www.razoo.com/story/Saksaum

‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.’ – Edmund Burke

September #give10 roundup ::

Goodbye September. We hope all of you reading this have had as great of a month as we’ve had here on the #give10 project.

What made our September so great?

  • We finished our 7th month of giving.
  • Over 200 of you voted for your favorite project to receive a special 200$ donation to celebrate our 200th day. We were proud to give those dollars to New Life House Laos for their great grassroots work in drug rehabilitation and vocational training.
  • The #give10 facebook page is live to make it easy to follow changes that our dollar are supporting. Don’t forget to like us!
  • We traveled to Vietnam and Laos and got to give locally to a number of great projects.
  • Several of you #give10 followers have started you own projects, or have made commitments to giving. We’re excited to see generosity spreading and are thrilled to get to support cool projects like Race2Raise Funds for Children and the Lambda Central School Playground Challenge in October.
  • We’ve expanded our social circles and have begun spreading #give10 goodness on Google+ in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Lifekraze. We may not have klout, but we’re building a great community of people who love giving!

With each day that goes by this project truly gets more exciting and we’re seeing more and more how our daily giving is making a difference to support organizations, raise awareness, and to encourage others in the spirit of generous living.

Let us know who we should add to our October giving roster.
Here’s where we gave in September. How did you make September count?

1 Heifer International 2 Hope for Homes Tampa- fixing Frankie Jones’ roof
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation – helmets for kids in Vietnam
5 Bread for the World
Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti
7 Global Medic Force
8 Help a Life Foundation
9 Health Leads
10 Reach Out Worldwide
11 FDNY Foundation
12 Ayni Foundation (supporting Education in Afghanistan)
13 Education for Nature- Vietnam
14 Witness
15 Earthwatch
16 DAY 200 ->200$ to New Life House Laos
17 Tour da Vita (Kidney Foundation)
18 Women in the World Foundation
19  Mima foundation
20 Homeward Deployed
21 Womens Aid
22 (Red)
23 First Book
24 Big Brother Mouse
25 Free the Bears
26 Child Safe International
27 Momo Books
28 Abundant Water
29 Greenbelt Movement
30 Mine Action Group Laos

celebrating 200 days with $200 ::

Today is the 200th day of the #give10 project.

That’s right, already we’ve  given 10$ to 199 worthy causes of people who are doing everything they can to make a difference in their corner of the world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. So, to celebrate all these awesome people and their work, and to commemorate our 200th day of giving, we’re got some great things in store.

First- we’re going to give away 200 dollars to celebrate day 200, and you get to help us pick who gets it! The rules are the same as they were on day 100. You let us know what organization that we’ve already given to in the last 199 days deserves to get an additional 200$ donation! Nominate them in the comments below and the cause that gets the most votes will win our 200$ donation towards the difference they are making.

If you need a reminder of where we’ve given since we started, check out our 200 Day Google Doc Master Roundup list of world changers! In the spirit of ten, we’re giving you 10 days to vote for your favorite project and we’ll give the $200 donation on 27 Septmber. Yes, you can vote for your own project, and you can vote as many times as you want, in as many different ways that you want.

Second- because the project has grown to follow so many people who are making a difference, #give10 is getting its own Facebook page to manage the goodness. Help us celebrate our 200th day by liking us at fb/give10.  And if you’re not a Facebook person, did you know that we’ve always had a twitter list of all the #give10 recipients that you can  follow?

Third– we’re going to start asking questions. Since the projects we’ve given to in the early days of #give10 have had 200 days to put our 10$ to work for change we’re going to start asking them what difference they’ve been able to make. And since we’re already going to be asking questions, I’m going to ask them other things too, like what difference can a small 10$ donations can really make. What question would you like to ask the charity that you’ve given money to?

Thanks for being part of the 200 amazing days of giving that we’ve had so far.

Who is getting your 200th day / 200$ vote?

August #give10 roundup ::

The big news of the August #give10 roundup is that we have made it six months through our experiment to see what difference we could make in the world by donating 10$ every day to a good cause.Yep, we’re halfway done, but in some ways I’ve got a feeling that we’re just getting started with this giving stuff.


If your’re just joining us, here’s what #give1o is all about.


Apart from celebrating Halfway Day, what really made August remarkable was the 31 projects from all corners of the globe that were able to make a difference to someone else because of our 10$ and other people who gave. We know that sustainable change in the life of a person costs way more than ten bucks, but remember it takes all of us making our own small contributions to make big change.


We’ve got some new ideas brewing for our next six months of giving that we promise to share soon. In the mean time, check out this wrap up of where we gave in August:

1 One Day on Earth Project
2 Wide Angle Media
3 Women for Women International
Uncultured Project
People for Parks, Los Angeles
6 Angkor Wat Social Projects
7 Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB)
8 Concern Worldwide
9 Team Ethan
10 Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital
11 Emily Brien on Mercy Ships
12 World Concern
13 IDE
14 Seva Foundation
15 Dolls for Daughters
16 See Your Impact
17 Pearl Ministries
18 Relay for Life : Anthony Heaton
19 Community Bridges
20  Shayne & Ardee Smile Kidz
21 Preemptive Love
22 Five Talents (Microlending and saving)
23 Got Your Back Network
24 Spread the Net
25 Lifeline Fund
26 Canine Companions for Independence
27 World Vision Goat for my Mother’s birthday
28 Seeds of Hope Brazil
29 Now I Lay me Down to Sleep Foundation
30 Optometry Giving Sight
31 Sudan Sunrise


What did you do to make the world better in August?