the ten dollar experiment

does 10$ really make a difference?

Every day it seems we’re bombarded with causes.  So many of them good.  There’s poverty and dirty water and entrepreneurs trying to pull themselves up by their boot strings. Climate change is in the headlines, and stories in the news about children with diseases that researchers are trying to find ways to cure.  Closer to home there are schools who need support, people living on the street and families without healthcare.

Every day on Facebook someone requests that I join this cause or that cause.  And yes, it sounds terrible to say, but sometimes it seems that there is just too much for one person to care about.  Even if the causes are all good.

If all this weren’t too much to care about already, I work for a humanitarian organization, and my day job is to get people to care about causes like anti-trafficking, mother and child health in developing countries, sending girls to school and fighting HIV and Aids.

I have cause fatigue.  The idealism of my youth that drove me to this type of work sometimes wanes.

I often tell people that 10$ can make a difference to help a cause, yet I don’t often put my money where my mouth is.

There is still a big part of me that  believes we can all make a difference. So, in a moment of hope, I’ve decided to take up this experiment: The Ten Dollar Difference

Every day for the month of March I’m going to give 10$ to a different cause. That’s 10$ each day for 31 days.   $310 won’t break the bank, but hopefully it will break through some of my doubts.

I have some ideas where to start, but here’s where you come in:  I’m going to need some help finding projects where 10$ could make a difference.

If you’ve got some ideas, or know some organizations that are making change and could use my change, send the ideas my way.  You can comment here, on twitter @wanderingzito, or even on Facebook.

I’ll post a list of all the organizations or projects that I’ve given $10 to and any information I receive about what the money went to and if it is actually doing something.  And if you want to join in and give your own $10 nobody will stop you.

Do you believe in change?