Spreading the Love of Life

This Valentines Day, per usual, I’m not expecting any flowers or chocolates. But I refuse to be a person who grumbles about being single today.

I’m not claiming that I love being a +0 all the time and I’d certainly not turn away a knight in shining armor who came knocking on my door. I’m just saying that despite the message that Valentines sends, I refuse to believe that love is all about couples and candy hearts. We all qualify for love today because – you guessed it – we’re alive.

The world tries to make us believe that if we aren’t getting any love, we don’t have any love to give. I call this rubbish. We sometimes forget how much love we’ve got because we’re too busy comparing our love to what someone else has got.

I read recently that the iphone often autocorrects the word “Love” to the word “Live”.  What a great reminder that actual love is more about the actions of our day to day life rather than just an emotion or sentiment of the moment.

If you’re in love with life and living it out the best you can, there is no promise that you wake up everyday to the smell of roses. It only means you recognize all that you have, despite how you feel, and you want to share that with others. Love is about the giving.

As part of #give10 I recently discovered More Love Letters, a project that exists for the sole purpose of sharing love through life. More Love Letters organizes strangers to send notes of love and encouragement to people who need a lift.  My favorite part about the More Love Letters story is that it wasn’t started by someone who had so much love they were looking for something to do with it. It was started by one girl who wrote 400 love letters to anonymous people as a way to live out her own love to others despite her own loneliness.

I liked this project because it reminded me that I don’t have to be getting lots of love to qualify to give some away.

Maybe you aren’t ready to love a complete stranger today, but love those around you by the way you share your life. Even tomorrow when Valentines is over.

Living out love will last longer than heart shaped chocolates.

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