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November flew by in a flash and December, our 10th month of giving, is well on it’s way to do the same. But, before all the memories of Thankfulness fade into Christmas, here’s the highlights from our month of gratitude and giving.

We raised $5000 for the Sak Saum micro-giving project.

In our first ever multiplying awesome 38 day fundraiser, you gave over $2500 for Sak Saum’s trafficking prevention outreach project in Cambodia. And because every dollar was doubled by a matching grant from The Antioch Group in DC, Sak Saum is getting a $5000 check to fund 25 anti-trafficking awareness events in some of the poorest areas in Cambodia. Thanks to everyone. Whether you gave 10$ or more, bought an awesome Sak Saum bag or helped spread the word, you proved that small acts of generosity make a big difference together.

100 days and counting down!

November 21 we reached another #give10 milestone- just 100 days left in the year of giving. Of course 100 days is still quite a lot of giving opportunities remaining, so be sure to let us know what must-support projects we shouldn’t miss in the home stretch. Also stay tuned because we’re getting close to our 300th day, and we’ll be doing some special giving to celebrate.

Thanks & Giving on the go

November was spread across a couple of continents and so many time zones that I’m still a bit confused on which day we gave to whom. I had a blast traveling through the USA, enjoying being grateful with friends and family, and gave to many projects in my own hometown neighborhoods. And in honor of being in the US, I even tried out some old fashioned check-book giving for a few weeks. Can I also mention that I’m grateful for my dad who collects my junk mail from the 265 organizations now sending me marketing letters? More coming soon on #give10 perspectives from the home front.


Supported another 30 amazing & world changing projects

1. Friend in Need

2. Challenger Center

3. Thailand Flood Relief Fund Global Giving

4. Willing and Abel

5. American Diabetes Association

6. Columbia Road Health Services

7. Helimission

8. Little Lights Urban Ministries

9. Operation Christmas Child

10.Wounded Warrior Project

11.National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

12.Chattanooga Food Bank


14.Help Portrait

15.Make Work Grant Chattanooga


17.Be the Match

18.World Toilet

19.Hug Wraps

20.Sama Source

21.Cuban Artists Fund

22.Fabretto Children’s Foundation, Nicaragua

23.Legacies of War

24.So Others May Eat

25.United Way Lee County

26.Atlanta Mission

27.Easten Congo Initiative

28.Gateway Atlanta

29. Plant with Purpose

30. Fly Greener

Where are you giving this month?



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