Help Wanted: multiplying awesome

Today is my birthday and in addition to giving 10$, I want to raise $2490.

Every day in the #give10 world, we’ve done the same thing. We find an incredible project changing the world for good, give them a bit of cash, and then tell you about it, in the hopes that spreading the word of good work will in someway multiply its effect.  It’s been awesome, and because we’re in the business of multiplying awesome, today we’re starting out something brand new.

Drumroll: We’re launching our own little micro-project experiment and we’re asking you to #give10.

No, we’re not becoming our own charity or asking you to give money to us.  Something really amazing recently happened and  we want you to be a part of the rest of the story.

Here’s how it began: One day, many moons ago, in the early days of #give10,  I met up with a great organization in Cambodia called Sak Saum. “Sak Saum” is named after the Khmer language word for “Dignity”, and the people who run this project are in the business of restoring freedom and dignity to women who have come out of situations of human trafficking and forced labour.  They offer a one year program to rescued and at-risk women, and have built a place where women can heal and learn while gaining practical vocational skills.The women sew beautiful bags which are in turn sold to fund the project to help more women.


So, I liked them, gave them 10$, and posted it on Facebook like I do every day. But on the day I gave to Sak Saum, something different happened.  Someone else caught a vision. This vision turned into an opportunity for a matching grant for Sak Saum.


Like I said before, giving is contagious.


To make a long story short, our 10$ is about to multiply 500 times.  This is the kind of math that I like. If you’re quick with numbers, you’ve figure out that we’re helping Sak Saum get a total grant of $5000. How it works is that the #give10 community (that’s you and me) raises $2500, and the organization funding the match (The Antioch Group- a.k.a. TAG) doubles it. And, since I’ve already given the first $10, we’ve only got $2490 to go. More simple math.


And what difference will this $5000 make in the world?  Over the course of the year, the women of Sak Saum will organize and conduct events in poor villages where other women and girls (and even sometimes men) are at risk of being trafficked. Their goal is educate other people to prevent them from winding up in the dangerous and difficult situations they know first hand. At the price tag of about $200 per event, 25 communities will be reached.  I’d say that’s a bargain when it comes to changing lives.


So, what does this all mean?

It’s simple, I need your help to raise $2490 by mid November. In honor of celebrating my 38th today, I’ve set a 38 day goal for our campaign. I think we can do it quicker than that.

Here’s how you can help.
  • Go here and #give10 or 20, or 100.  If you’ve cared enough to read this far, you definately care enough to donate the cost of 2 mocha frappucinos.
  • Tell someone else about it. One thing we’ve learned through this project is that other people care more when you care too.
  • Give me money for my birthday. Since I’m turning 38 and mostly have everything a nomadic girl could need (other than a tall dark and handsome traveling companion) I’m going to give all my birthday money to this project.
  • If you want to give, but online giving doesn’t work for you, drop me a line ( a comment, or a tweet and I’ll make it work
And what will you get?
  • The joy of knowing you’ve made the world better today
  • Some follow up reports of how the project goes and how lives are changing because of it
  • My gratitude, a shout out on Twitter & Facebook, and even a special surprise for some of you hi-rollers
So, what are you waiting for? At 10$ a piece it will only take 250 of us to change someone’s world.

Check out the Sak Saum project & #give10 here ->

‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.’ – Edmund Burke

2 responses to “Help Wanted: multiplying awesome”

  1. Suzan Ferenczy says:

    This was very inspiring, Stephanie. Thanks for the lift! Happy Birthday, by the way, and thank you for actually donating your cash. For me that would be tough, especially on my birthday when I seem to feel so entitled! Good job!

  2. tammy says:

    This is very cool, Steph!! and happy belated birthday! Ginger rolls on. She is often the most reliable car in our extended family.
    What a great Lockard project. Brenda would love this.

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