Help Wanted: Choosing a Birthday Cause

If you’ve been around here very long you know I like to run. I like to travel. And I like to give away money to people who are changing the world.

One thing you may not know yet is that I also really really like to celebrate my birthday. I’m not the kind of girl who likes to have just a little party with hats and cupcakes. I believe in birthday events.

Lucky for you, my birthday isn’t until October. But in the spirit of event planning, I’m already thinking about it, and I need your help.

If you were here last year, you’ll remember that we used my birthday as an excuse to get a $5000 matching grant for Sak Saum’s work to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia.

Well, this year, I’m turning nearly a significant age, so I’m upping the ante. I’m combining all the things I like to do into a birthday extravaganza. I’ll be traveling to Chicago (which is pretty far from Cambodia) and celebrating the day by running the Chicago Marathon- a race I’ve always had on my non-bucket-list. And of course, what better excuse than running a grueling 26.2 miles to raise money for a cause that is changing the world.

This week, as I laced up my shoes for my first miles of training I started contemplating what cause I wanted to run for. It’s hard to pick a favorite when you love all 366. So then I thought, why not ask all of you!

Only 121 days til my birthday run. If you were running a marathon, what cause would you choose? Or better yet, if you were going to #give10 to a birthday girl running a marathon what cause would compel you to reach deep in your pockets?

Let me know in the comments what cause you’d nominate and we’ll have a vote off. It doesn’t matter if it’s a project we’ve already given to or not.


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