Happy Small Month.


It’s February, finally. The small month.  

January is a bit intimidating with all the newness. There’s so much pressure to make big plans and kickstart an amazing year without messing up any of your freshly set goals. It can be exhausting.

I find February a reprieve from the madness. It’s the pause before spring. And, February is short.

While I like my men tall and my life large, there’s a lot to be said about short and small things. Two things I learned about the small when I was small myself have always stuck with me:

If you can do small things, you will be trusted to do big things 


You should never look down on small beginnings.

Sure, February is only 3 days shorter than the average month, but something about its abbreviated nature makes it seem perfect to start something new.

Two years ago in February I got the small idea to give away a few dollars every day to a good cause. This small beginning eventually turned into the #give10 project – a major achievement that truly happened one day and one small piece at a time.

As I sit facing the beginning of this new February thinking about my own giant master plans for the year, I’ve decided to take a break from thinking big and shoot for the small.

It seems counterintuitive, but something about it works. Like Henry Ford said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

Last year I made the big goal to tell you 100 of my favorite travel stories and another 52 do-good stories about projects I believe are making the world better. I’m obviously not good with numbers- because that is mathematically impossible to do in a year if I write once a week.

But now that I’m home and we’ve got this amazing short month ahead, I’ve decided to keep going on that promise and make February my month of short story telling. We’ve got 27 days left in this small month and I’ve got 27 stories ahead for you. One story a day. Small beginnings. Well, maybe 24 stories- I should take Sundays off since I’m also learning how to rest.

Happy February. What is your story this month?

6 responses to “Happy Small Month.”

  1. Excited to see the story. If you want Shannon to drop your or Steve to drop you at Suwannee, you can fix internet and spend the week. I will come up for a turn around trip with Gram and Maynard at some point before valentines day to clean the place. xoxo Love you…cant wait to read the stories. Could drive you home.

  2. y7bro#1 says:

    Yeaaa!! I love reading almost anything you write!!!!

  3. Meredith Howard says:

    Looking forward to your stories…

  4. Jake Martin says:

    Stumbled upon your blog while looking for some good traveller blogs and absolutely loved it. I’m an avid traveller myself and love to keep a diary of things that I find interesting on my trips, I go back to them once in a while just to relive those fun moments again each time.

    Looking forward to your stories, will come back each day to read your new story, cant wait to hear your 27 adventures of your life for this month:)

  5. Love this idea Stephanie–it’s a good and easy way to keep yourself motivated to write and share. Looking forward to the stories this month! 🙂

  6. […] like to call February the small month, but the length of it isn’t its only power. February is awesome because it is no longer the new […]

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