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Big thanks to all of you who joined this week’s virtual birthday fun to raise our first $1260 to help girls and women in Cambodia by multiplying awesome.

We’ve made half way to our total goal. Since every single dollar you gave (or will give) will magically turn into two dollars through a matching grant, this means we’ve already have $2520 dollars going to educate villages in the prevention of human trafficking through the work of Sak Saum.


“If your birthday is over, how will we raise the second half?” you may be wondering. Do not despair, since I’m older and wiser, I’ve got a master plan. (But please keep reading because you’re part of it)


According to  my calculations it took only 25 of you to raise what we have so far in nearly one day! And whether the gift was 10$ or $100 it all added up quickly (and made for a very exciting birthday).


The best part about this is that there are still hundreds of you reading this who haven’t given yet, but have the will and the means to do so. (If this is you, you have permission to stop reading right now and donate immediately).


Sometimes we think, if there are hundreds of others doing this, maybe my single contribution isn’t all that important. But that’s exactly opposite of the truth. If everyone does something, big things happen. If everyone assumes someone else will do it, nothing happens and we’re all left to wonder why.


I’m going to keep doing my part and talk about our Multiply Amazing project for Sak Saum online and off for as long as it takes to reach the goal. Since I’m the kind of person who really likes to celebrate their birthday for as long as possible, I’ve set the online birthday fundraiser to go for another 38 days.I figure a 38 year old girl should be entitled to at least that many days to celebrate. And, in November, we’ll also be organizing the sale of some amazing Sak Saum bags in the USA to help our efforts. If you like handbags, you’ll love their fall 2011 collection.


Here’s what you can do:
  • If you haven’t given yet and want to join the exclusive club of people funding this project you can do that right now here.  (If you can’t give online for whatever reason, drop me an email and we’ll sort it out for you)
  • Share the love by sharing the link. You can help us multiply our reach by introducing the project to friends we don’t know yet.
  • Buy a bag or sell a bag. It’s almost Christmas after all, we can help you get your shopping done while you help change lives! (details coming soon).
Together we will make a difference. Thanks for being awesome.

2 responses to “halfway to awesome ::”

  1. Robyn Balcom says:

    Stephanie, I just donated $50 towards your cause! I have been involved with an abolitionist movement here in Montana that sells bags from a group called Hagarinternational. I am so pleased to see what you are doing, You would be proud of the beautiful vibrant young lady Cece has become. She is presently in Costa Rice for a few weeks… she will actually go to Washington, DC on her way home this week and she will see Paula K and Dorothy L. I well remember your kindness to Cece on the ship and you were an inspiration to her then and now. Take care… and keep changing the world!!

  2. Trudy says:

    Bags look gorgeous!! Can’t wait to buy a few!

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