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A few months ago I decided to do an experiment. Looking for a way to give back to the world in which I’ve been given so much, I had the idea to give away 10$ every day to someone who could use it to make a difference for good. My hypothesis is that giving can both make a difference in the world, and the way I view the world.

It’s been nearly 120 days since this started, but if you’re new to the program, here’s a quick recap of how it works:

  • Each day I give 10$ to a program, person or organization that is making a difference somewhere in the world
  • You, and other friends recommend projects and people that you know are making a difference. I research each project and decide which to give to.
  • I introduce others to each project through Twitter, Facebook, LifeKraze, and my blog, with hope that others will also give when they can. (they’re tagged #give10 if you want to follow us)
  • I follow each organization via their social networks to watch what kind of work they are doing with my 10$, and report that back to my friends.
  • Every 100 days, I ask all my friends to vote on which organization they’ve most enjoyed learning about, and that organization gets $100.
  • At the end of each month I post a recap list of all the projects we’ve donated to.

So far I’ve learned some pretty amazing things

  • It’s a lot of work to give away 10$ every day- especially when you want to be sure that it is going to a good cause.
  • There are lots of organizations in the world doing awesome things that I’ve never even heard about! I’m so grateful for all the old friends and new followers who have taken time to introduce me to their favorites.
  • We are more likely to rely on the personal recommendation of a stranger who follows us, than we are to believe at face value the promises an organization makes on their website.
  • There are as just as many places to give to change your own neighborhood as there are to change a village on another continent. Both kinds of giving are important.
  • It takes more than 10 bucks from one person to change the world. I use the word “we” when I talk about this project because all of you are critical to the journey and I see you as my team. If you read this far, I’m betting your on my side.

Whether you’re old or new here, I’m glad you’ve discovered the #give10 project. Remember, we’ve still got 230+ more days of giving to go, so be sure to let us know who you know that is making a difference somewhere in the world. Thanks for being part of the Team.

Where should we give our next 10$?

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  1. Dear Stephanie, this is a great initiative and undertaking. I see that you’ve chosen WITNESS once or twice for your daily dose of $10. Thank you!!!!

    I wonder if you’d be willing to get in touch with me about possibly sharing more about how you choose the organizations you donate to (I see in this post that you do your own research and you rely on friends and readers to suggest organizations) and possibly consider doing a guest blog post for us. Please get in touch! And thanks for this project- it’s innovative, creative and engaging.

  2. wow sounds SO much like my blog, What Gives 365 http://whatgives365.wordpress.com– that I started January 1, 2010 — giving away $100/day for 365 days to people, causes and organizations that I believed were making the world a better place.
    Glad somebody is keeping the good energy going!!

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  5. Jonny Syrbe says:

    You continue to be a great source of spunk and inspiration! Bless ya Steph!

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