Get a Head Start on Free Travel in 2016

Another year is wrapping up. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already probably started dreaming of all the adventures ahead in 2016.

I’ve got Bhutan, Tibet, Israel, and Italy on my list for next year, and I hope to finish up visiting the rest of the states that have eluded me for many years (Oklahoma, North & South Dakota, and Montana). 

What’s on your dream travel list? 

If you’re looking to get a head start on travel for 2016, you will want to check out these resources that I’ve been working on this year. Using points and miles is how I travel all over the world every year for nearly free, and everyone (including YOU) can do it if by spending a little bit of time to learn the tricks.

Each of these tools will help you master the art of using points and miles and help you turn your travel dreams into reality.

Upgrade Unlocked

Upgrade Unlocked: The Unconventional Guide to Luxury Travel on a BudgetIf your learning style is the written word, Upgrade Unlocked is a downloadable guide with an online toolbox of resources that will teach you how to build a strategy to earn and redeem points for luxury travel including flight and hotel upgrades, including opportunities to travel to Bhutan. Send it to your kindle, tablet, or print it out on paper! Also, if you don’t want to fly First Class because you really like the middle seat, don’t worry–the principles in this guide will also help you get free coach tickets


Travel Hacking Cartel 

If you waTravelHackingCartel_Logont to make sure you take advantage of all the points and miles deals out there, but you don’t want to take the time to figure it all out yourself, the Travel Hacking Cartel is a monthly subscription service that curates all the best travel information out there and delivers it straight into your inbox. You get all the information you need to earn tens of thousands of points and miles without having to think about it! Plus, if you sign up for the Cartel’s First Class service, you can use the Cartel Concierge service that will help you figure out how to use the miles you have to take the trip you want.

Make Your Dream Trip a Reality CreativeLive Course

If you like step-by-step instruction, the Make Your Dream Trip a Reality course from CreativeLive teaches you how pick your dream destination, and then make your strategy to earn and redeem your points and miles to get there and stay there for free! The course is 30 short video lessons that cover everything from earning massive miles from online shopping (no flying required), to tips for getting into airline lounges and landing upgrades.

2 responses to “Get a Head Start on Free Travel in 2016”

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Stephanie, I have just came across articles from Chris Guillebeau and you and am very intrigued by this. Can’t imagine that you can actually travel the world for free (or almost free) My husband and I are now empty nesters (so hard 🙁 ) but am trying to our path for the second phase of our lives. We have always wanted to travel to Europe (been once on our honeymoon 29 years ago). I gather that it is more difficult for Canadians to earn points but not impossible. I would love just to try to earn one trip to see if I could. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for your time. Leslie Hannan

    • wanderingzito says:

      Leslie! It definitely not totally free, but you can do it almost free- even if you’re from Canada 🙂 One of my favorite Canadian travel hackers is Matt at–He’s also works on the Travel Hacking Cartel with Chris and I, and we also post a lot of deals that work for Canadians! While there may not be as many credit card bonuses up there, there are definitely possibilities! Any of the tools that I mention in the post would definitely help you as you!

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