100 travel stories

If you’ve traveled anywhere you’ve got the stories to prove it. 

Some travel stories will make you laugh until you can’t breathe and others will make you sob like a fool, but the best travel stories are the ones that taught you something along the road.

Awhile back I finally made it to country #100. As any committed, goal-setting, story-telling traveler would do at this kind of milestone, I patted myself on the back and celebrated my centennial country achievement by pledging to the world I’d give something back. One part of that gift was a promise to finally to write down 100 of my favorite stories about the life lessons that travel has taught me.

And so, I give you my work in progress: The 100 story project

Since I started working on this project, my plan has always been to write and post at least one travel story a week. But if you’re well traveled you also know that good travelers have a hard time sticking to plans. Either way, we’ll keep going until you get all 100 stories of my favorite adventures and misadventures.

And they aren’t just any travel stories. Consider them life lessons that you get to learn without ever having to lose your way, lose your car, get charged by a wild safari animal, or get thrown off a bus in the middle of nowhere. I did the hard part, and you get the lesson for FREE. What a deal. All you have to do is come back to read the stories or sign up so the stories come to you. And of course, if you like them, pass them along.

All our 100 stories are over on our travel page with lots of other good stuff, but we’ll keep our growing 100 story tally here too:  18 down, 82 to go!

  1. #012693
  2. Lessons from a Bangkok Bus
  3. Bad Day in Bangladesh
  4. Marathon Travel Training 
  5. Celebrating Sevens
  6. Good Morning Vietnam
  7. Souvenir Scars & Doctors on Motos
  8. Latvia Beyond Expectations
  9. Dancing the Airport Tango
  10. Farking in Vietnam
  11. Heatstroke, Half-Marathons and Hills Worth Dying On
  12. Alpine Driving School
  13. Lessons from a Barcelona Parking Garage
  14. The Moral of the Mountain
  15. Pack Light but Carry Your Sense of Humor
  16. Ships Ships Ships and Weathering the Storm
  17. Missing in Malaga & How to Lose a Land Rover
  18. Motos and Monsoons: Rainy Season in Cambodia