Giving Lists

It’s #give10 year 2 and every week we’re double dipping. We’re giving 10$ to a brand new cause and 100$ to a cause we already love and believe is making a difference in the world.

Check back here for our updated list of where we’re giving each week:


week 1 x 10: Tucker’s Toybox

week 1x 100: Traffick Jam Asia

week 2 x 10: Homeboy Industries

week 2 x 100:  Marbles 4 MS

week 3 x 10: Why Dev’s Peer Mentoring Program

week 3 x 100: Eastern Congo Initiative (but we didn’t write about them yet)

week 4 x 10: Mountain to Mountain

week 4 x 100: miraclefeet

week 5 x 10: USO

week 5 x 100: Laundry Love

week 6 x 10: Lightyear Foundation

week 6 x 100: In Search of Sanuk

week 7 x 10:  stay tuned.

week 7 x 100: WITNESS

Coming soon:  Interviews with the Philippines Lamda School Playground Project, Splash, Sak Saum, Bloom Asia, and WelBodi clinic Sierra Leone.

Here’s the list of all the causes #give10 supported in its first year.

click on each month to see the wrap up, the cause name to go to the projects webpage, or download our giving masterlist spreadsheet.

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