#give10 is a movement of generosity.

#Give10 challenges each of us with the idea that if we give a little bit every day, together we can achieve big changes. You may not believe that something as small as 10$ can make the world a different place, but stick around here, I’m determined to prove it.

Last year, as an experiment with my own disbelief, I started giving away 10$ every single day to a different cause working towards making some part of the world a better, brighter place. In one year, I discovered 366 amazing organizations to support and was sold on the idea of micro-giving. (me + you + all our friends = potential for powerful change).

In addition to discovering great projects across the globe, something amazing happened. #Give10 became infectious. Many people have reached deep into their pockets to match gifts, take on the #give10 challenge for a month or a year, or design a giving plan that works for their pocketbooks. Yes, do-gooding is contagious.

Here at wanderingforgood, we follow the stories of some of these amazing projects and awesome people who are changing the universe everyday. We also talk about the insanely interesting things one can learn about non-profits from giving away money every day. Check out all our giving posts here.

Whether you live in a place where 10$ is a week’s wages, or the price of a coffee, you can make a difference too. Some people have money to give, others have time, and some may simply have a smile. What matters is that we’re all in this together.

If you like your information in smaller doses, check out the #give10 Facebook page to follow the most interesting information from the causes we’ve supported. Or follow the #give10 hashtag on twitter to see who is giving and getting today!

And as always, if you’ve got a cause you’d like to see us support, drop us a comment or contact us.

Welcome to the giving.